Green Rolls for St. Patrick’s Day

I woke up today determined to make something for St. Patrick’s Day.

My family and I are not great fans of the traditional meal of corned beef, vegetables and green beer.  Well, actually there has never been a complaint regarding the green beer.

Since I am covered with freckles, I’m positive that is proof that I am part Irish.  I live thousands of miles away from Ireland, but want to connect to my heritage is some way.  What better way than with food!

My goal is to create a delicious Irish meal which we all love, and I can cook every year to build memories and tradition.

Here is my first attempt at making green dinner rolls.

Green Rolls Step #1Green Rolls #2

Green Rolls #3Green Rolls #4

The cooked product looks like dried, misshapen, sad dinner rolls.  This is not what I envisioned at all, so my quest will continue.

I think green shiny icing on cloverleaf shaped cookies will be more appetizing, and much more memorable…lol.

If you are inspired and decide to cook something new, I hope you have more success than I.

Have a great week, and the luck of the Irish to you!!

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