Date Night

Why I Love to Wake Up, and Realize that it’s Friday Morning

As I wake, open my eyes, and realize the day, my heart lightens, and the stress level lowers. It’s Friday morning.

Friday is  that unique day where I get a few hours of unscheduled, unhurried moments.  I can never guess the exact moment the unhurried moments will begin, but just knowing that it will materialize, sends my senses swirling.

Each morning before leaving my warm, comfy bed, I begin my daily ritual of meditating on all that I am grateful for.  I send up prayers of thank yous, reminisce on the good things which occurred the prior day,  and set my focus on a day filled with positive thought.  After my moments of meditation, I get to the best part…the part I most look forward to, since it’s FRIDAY.  I get to look forward to date night!!

First, I must finish all my essential mama chores.  Then, I relax and anticipate my hubby walking through the door.  After a hello kiss and bear hug, it’s a glass of wine, delicious food and hours of relaxing conversation.  This has been our routine for 18 years.

The first five years of marriage, date night lasted until 2am.  That changed after our first, second and baby.  From then on, date night is a few hours before the yawning begins.  Soon after, we are looking for our comfy pajamas.

Now that we have a few years on us, we are home by 9pm. Even though it’s an early time, it is a joy, since we are able to snuggle with our babies until we put them to sleep.

Can anyone relate? Please post a great night you’ve shared with your special someone.

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