Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is deserving of an immense THANK YOU!!

I realize many people have blessed others, and have been extremely generous. Ellen DeGeneres, in her amazing way, takes it to a prominent and magnificent level.

One Friday night, my daughter and I sat down to watch a marathon of Jimmy Fallon. We made it through one snack run, and only 1 & 1/2 shows of Fallon before our yawning forced us to call it a night.

It was a joy to see Ellen as his guest. I personally felt it was a unique treat to see two former SNL comedians, which both host a talk show, as the other’s guest. (Did that make sense?) The interview was fun, and entertaining. As we watched the Fallon show, my daughter, and I paused the TV frequently to rehash some of the jokes, mimic or replay Jimmy’s facial expressions, and took turns sharing our favorite moments. They made us constantly giggle and laugh. It made for an enjoyable, and memory building evening 🙂

After saying our good night’s, something settled deeply in my chest. Immediately, images and memories of my son and I watching the Ellen DeGeneres show together were flowing across my mind. We would dance with her, laugh at the humor, watch in anticipation during the ‘scare set-ups’, but the most joy I felt, was witnessing my son’s deep awe of her generosity. He, on several occasions, sat with his mouth agape, while one gift after the next was bestowed to a person who was a complete stranger to Mrs. DeGeneres. I’ll never forget how he would constantly mention how easy she would willingly bless those she saw in need.

I’m deeply grateful to Mrs. DeGeneres’ example of generosity from one human to another. When someone can bring softness to my son’s eyes, by the act of giving, it is a genuine reaction to his witness of compassion.

Gratefully, it sparked many deep conversations between us. We discussed when and how we could be blessing one another, how Mrs. DeGeneres is enjoying her blessings, but ultimately uses her fame and powers for good. She has built an empire, and career based on the principle of ‘Passing It Forward’.

My then 11 year old, was genuinely inspired, and it sincerely hits this mother’s heart. Here it is 4 years later, and we still have many of the same conversations. Mostly, we share dreams of what we would give away, and to whom, if we were able.

I hope we all can find a way to follow her example. I know her example will impact my son. I’ll keep you updated as I witness him passing it forward.

Due to the positive influence she has had on my son, my family and countless others, I personally want to say…THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH MRS. ELLEN DEGENERES!!

How did You Live Today?

Today is a great day because….

1. I was able to see my cousins-in-law. It’s been 2 years and this morning we were able to catch up. I cooked them breakfast while our daughters played. It was very nice visit. I loved it.

How did you live today?  It could be a life changing accomplishment, or something you looked forward to doing.  Please share 🙂